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Cleveland Foodbank

Cleveland Foodbank

Market: Distribution
Location: Cleveland, Ohio


Storage of 18 million pounds of food as well as building maintenance.


A customized preventive building maintenance program with 24/7 emergency service. 

A Closer Look

The Cleveland Foodbank serves 6 counties in Ohio, distributing more than 18 million pounds of food from their 130,000 square foot facility which they wanted to be more "green" friendly and reduce operating costs. As the design/build mechanical contractor, we were able to quickly adapt the building to meet LEED requirements using an environmentally responsble refrigerant and energy efficient HVAC equipment.  Mechanical air handlers were selected that use R-134a refrigerant and CO2 sensors were added to all return air ducts for demand ventilation requirements.  An energy management system controlling HVAC and lighting was installed thus making it a "Smart Building" reducing overall operating expenses.  This also provides a much healthier environment for employees and volunteers working in the building.