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Cleveland Indians

Cleveland Indians

Market: Entertainment
Location: Cleveland, Ohio


Install a self-contained booth in the parking garage area of the stadium as well as be on call in case of emergencies to service the locker room area.


For several years now, our Cleveland service technicians have been providing preventive maintenance on the equipment that provides heating and cooling to the players locker rooms including the visiting team locker room. 

A Closer Look

Based on our performance, we were then asked to come up with an HVAC design for the new instant replay booth.  Two (2) Stulz CyberRow Air Conditioning Systems were installed and secured to the concrete floor.  Remote air-cooled condensing units were set, and discharge and liquid line piping from each indoor unit was connected.  Condensate piping was installed to each unit and was run beneath the raised floor.  All internal moisture was removed before charging the system to full capacity.