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DeNora Tech

DeNora Tech

Market: Manufacturing
Location: Northeast Ohio


A new make-up air system for the production plant.


Our Cleveland design/build team installed a 25,000 CFM direct-fired 100% outside air make-up air unit including VFD and remote control panel as part of an upgrade to the production plant at the Chardon Facility.  Because of the size and weight of the unit, this project required a crane to rig the unit on the roof.  The fabrication and installation required sealed, insulated sheet metal intake ductwork from the unit inlet across the roof and down the edge of the roof into the inlet hood.  This allows the discharge from the unit to be ducted down through the roof through spiral duct in the production area.

A Closer Look

Direct-Fired gas heating is one of the simplest and most cost-effective methods of heating air.  Outside air enters the unit and is either filtered or not.  If desired, a quantity of returning room air can be added to this outside air in a balanced fashion to assure a constant total airflow.  This air then passes over a line burner.  The air flow pattern is closely controlled using profile plates resulting in 100% efficient combustion.