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Fresh Mark - Sugardale Meats

Fresh Mark - Sugardale Meats

Market: Manufacturer
Location: Canton, Massillon, & Salem, Ohio


Upgrading manufacturing plants and designing new building projects.


Preventive maintenance services for their manufacturing plants as well as a single contact for building project consultation.

A Closer Look

Fresh Mark is a leading supplier of smoked and processed meats for the retail and food service industries.  Their customers include major grocery chains, restaurants and food service operators throughout the United States.  Our Cleveland office has partnered with them on numerous projects as well as create custom preventive maintenance programs that included a designated skilled service technican who is familiar with each facility in case of emergencies. As with many food production plants in progress, stopping production is never an option so with this in mind, our projects have to understand and work around their processes in order to be completed.  We work nights and during shift changes to meet their needs so no interruption occur.