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Market: Manufacturing
Location: Dayton, Ohio


Old building, old systems.


An upgraded building automation system using the Andover "Continuum" product to coordinate new equipment being installed in the building.

A Closer Look

Originally owned and operated by the Mead Corporation in 1988, CSUSA originally created a HVAC and building automation system to create an "encapsulation process" for their color printer paper production.  Five (5) years later, Mead closed production and the building was dormant for many years until recently purchased by Megix.  Megix contacted our Dayton office after they applied for an Ohio Development Grant to replace HVAC equipment with a more efficient system.  Working with Megix, we designed a new energy efficient, central plant HVAC System for grant approval based on their production needs.  Megix was award the grant based on our design.  The system calls for a change from the existing system to a variable volume primary chiller water system with the replacement of the chillers with variable speed screw air-cooled chillers.  All systems will be monitored by the "Continuum System"  to allow Megix to monitor building utilities and critical environment conditions.  Video surveillance will be added indoors and outdoors and will also be part of the new automation solution.  All of the upgrades are mapped out for the next five (5) years as part of the grant money awarded.