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Proctor & Gamble IAMS Research Lab

Proctor & Gamble IAMS Research Lab

Market: Manufacturing
Location: Lewisburg, Ohio


Controlling all of the HVAC systems campus-wide from one (1) central location.


The I/A Series System from Schneider Electric was installed by our Cincinnati Office who continues to monitor and update the system today.

A Closer Look

Our Cincinnati office installed the I/A Series System to create a single source monitoring system for the maintenance staff at the Proctor & Gamble IAMS Research Lab.  This product lines allows the building engineering staff to be aware of any alarms or problems via emails, text messages and even pagers so that they can respond in a time manner. The Web-enabled graphics provide the staff a window into the buildings HVAC systems for remote monitoring and diagnostics through any standard Web browser.  Modifications and program changes can be made to respond to any situation.